Recent studies carried out in the UK have shown that a specific range of physical activities can help manage and even improve pupil behaviour whilst at the same time also having a broader, more positive impact on teaching and teachers themselves.


Amongst the various activities identified as providing a structured framework for fostering improved motivation, greater self-discipline, respect and increased personal and social development, Martial Arts such as Taekwondo proved to be the most beneficial.

One reason may be that a growing number of young people often don’t fit into what might be described as ‘traditional sports’ or ‘team games’ that have dominated Physical Education in Schools and Colleges for so many years. In addition, Martial Arts provide an activity that trains and develops both individuals and groups in an activity based on core principles of respect and self-discipline.

It can sometimes be the case that a Martial Arts programme such as Taekwondo is introduced into a school where they seek to promote positive behaviour, and to provide some form of outlet to pupils where behaviour is a concern and may be effecting certain children’s achievements.


Whilst Taekwondo can undoubtedly have a positive impact on children’s behaviour, our programme is aimed at dealing with schools and children as a ‘whole’ not just selective special needs groups or individuals.

A fast paced activity, Taekwondo is a world wide pursuit and modern Olympic Sport practiced by over 80 million people throughout the world.  Delivered in controlled and safe environment children of all ages love the thrill of Taekwondo training and releasing energy.


From infant and primary school age to sixth form college, our programme compliments education.

Schools and Colleges Taekwondo provides an exciting and refreshing alternative to traditional sports and at the same time meets a range of fitness needs acquired through physical education.


Most children enjoy the opportunity to participate in Taekwondo, more so when it can be provided through school and in the company of their friends but in particular, when for whatever reason, they are unable to access it through other outlets.


  • To raise awareness of the variation of sports amongst children.

  • To increase interest and participation in sport.

  • To engage pupils who do not fit into ‘traditional ’sports.

  • To promote a more active lifestyle




  • More pupils engaged in a physical activity.

  • More pupils learning about structured lessons and physical activities.

  • More pupils provided with an opportunity to progress in sport.




  • The School or College engaging parents and pupils.

  • The School or College being able to offer a more diverse choice of activities.

  • The School or College being able to call on sports ‘specialists’.

  • The School or College taking an ‘inclusive’ approach to sport.

In January 2016 the founder of 'Schools & Colleges Taekwondo': Andy Davies was invited to an investiture ceremony at the Palace of Westminster where he was awarded a new British Citizens Medal for his efforts and services to education through Taekwondo with use of the post nominal's BCAe after his name.

We hope that a lot more schools and colleges will actively engage in our programme and embrace diversity in sport and physical activity whilst also helping children and young people to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

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