Our classes aren't just for children and many adults can also enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle through our Martial Arts programmes.

Studies have shown that adults who take up Martial Arts, even in their nineties, can improve their overall wellbeing, memory and even overcome depression.

We teach more than just self-defence and can assist with weight loss, boosting your energy levels, reducing stress, setting goals whilst we help you learn to motivate yourself.    Book your TRIAL today



There are many reasons why your child should join our Martial Arts classes that can help them improve in many ways:

We are sure that every parent would like to see their child grow in confidence and self-esteem, and our classes offer a great way to help them achieve this.

In addition, they learn a range of social and interactive skills as well as values such as respect and self-discipline, that can have a massive and positive impact on their own decision making processes.  The better decisions they make in life the more successful they are likely to become.

Enrolling them in our classes could be one of the best decisions 'you' ever make for them.



There is a common myth that Martial Arts aren't suitable for women and are too aggressive for females , but nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact there has never been a better time for women to take up Martial Arts.


By joining our Martial Arts programme you will learn to embolden and empower yourself with greater confidence, overcome your fears and at the same time learn some great self-defence skills.

Age and ability are no barrier to starting and once you do, you will begin to improve in ways that you couldn't imagine:  Not only will you increase your flexibility and range of movement you will also tone your body and learn to strenghten your core and develop greater balance.

It also helps widen your social circle and make new friends.