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Is a Korean Martial Art turned modern Olympic sport. Our academy boasts some of the highest ranked instructors in the 'world' recognised and certified by some of the original founders including Korea's oldest and most senior 'Kwan' (School); The World Chung Do Kwan Headquarters in Korea.


Our Taekwondo classes are taught in a taditional manner together with a successful sport (Competitive) element that make us one of the most successful and prestigious clubs in the country.


As a family oriented club our Taekwondo classes are popular with many family groups who enjoy sharing and taking part in an activity together.

Fitness Boxing

Our classes offers Boxing for both fitness and those who want to test their skills against an opponent under controlled conditions.  

Kickin' Cubs

Our Kickin' Cubs classes are tailored specifically for children 4 - 8 years of age and who want to explore Martial Arts in a way that is designed to meet their specific needs and interests. Many of our Kickin' Cubs go on to more senior classes and regularly continue to stay at our academy for many years, often bringing their own families in later life.




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All disciplines licenced by the UK Taekwondo Commission. Online licence application CLICK HERE