Hi, I'm Andy Davies

"Deciding to take up Martial Arts can often be a very confusing experience with uncertainty as to whether you or your child will be suited to it."

I first began my Martial Arts journey in 1968 when I stepped on to the mat at a local youth group.  I was shy, not very athletic, apprehensive and scared of getting hurt.  That day was the very first step in a life long journey that continues to this day as my passion for Martial Arts has never diminished . 

In 1978 I tested for Black Belt and over the years have competed at national and international levels.

I have coached many champions including an Olympic selection winner and my goal is to share my passion, knowledge and skills with others and to empower people with respect, confidence, discipline and fitness and help them to become leaders in their communities.

Our Martial Arts Centre wants you to become an elite version of you by striving to be the best that you can in everything that you do in life which is why choosing our school could be the best decision that you could make for you or your child.

Taking advantage of our offer of ONE MONTH INTRODUCTORY trial for all 'new' beginners could change your life in thirty days!

Core Values

Our classes strive to underpin core values of discipline and respect through teaching patience and courtesy


Progress and development

Progress is measured through a system of regular testing and assessment, defined by different coloured belts and stripes together with the presentation of a certificate of achievement.  Our ethos is about developing a positive 'Black Belt Attitude'.

Whilst people often progress at different levels our coaches and instructors

will help you make the progress that is necessary to succeeed.